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On The Merits of Time Travel

Published in Dreich

You are cordially invited

To a special lecture and celebration

On the merits of time travel.

Calligraphy adorning each invite,

Gold foil lining the envelope, 

Foretelling a high-end affair.

Lords and ladies,

Laymen and literati,

An eclectic but elite guest list.

An expert on the origins of space and time, 

Physicist and cosmologist,

A distinguished Professor.

Wheelchair bound by a disabling disease, 

His genius more than compensating

For his physical limitations.

The finest champagne from France, 

Exclusively harvested grapes between Reims and Epernay,

Hors d'oeuvres filled with lobster and hand-made pâte feuilletée.

Despite all this adornments and opulence, 

Not one person showed up to this party on this night,

Except the distinguished speaker.

For the engraved invitations had not yet been sent, 

Nor would they be until next week,

After the party was over.

Alas, his lecture was a smashing success,

For the lack of attendees proved his theorem, 

Thoroughly rejecting the merits of time travel.

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