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Hot Air Balloons

Searching for Air

Aspiring actors.
Breast strokers.
Carnival barkers.
Dad blowing up balloons.
Everest climbers.
Forest fire fighters.
Groom anticipating “kissing the bride.”
Hot air balloon operator.
Infant screaming at birth.
Jumbo jet taking off.
Lovers, afterwards.
Marathon runner at mile 23.
Non-smoker inhaling second-hand smoke. 
Organisms, except Henneguya salminicola.
Parachute, on the way down.
Quarterback crushed by the 302 pound defensive lineman.
Rusting nail.
Skateboarder trying a 720. 
Toddler crying hysterically mid temper tantrum.
Underwater scuba diver.
Very angry spouse stepping outside in the middle of an argument.
Extinguishing embers.
Zealot preaching to no one.

featured as part of Waco Word Fest Anthology 2021.

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