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COVID Social Life

Published in Circumference Pi Magazine

The people I interact with are found in a 4 x 6 inch box.

Paradoxically, the more who join, the smaller they get,

Shrinking to a 3 x 3, or if it is a party, a 2 x 2! 

Excitement comes from the game “What’s Different?” 

Scrutinizing the clothing of my friends, thinking

Didn’t you wear that same green t-shirt the last three days in a row?  

Bad weather.

A long day at work.

An overreaction to an insignificant slight.

These used to be the biggest obstacles to social interaction.

Now, the currency of life is Internet speed.

Being left out means not upgrading to 450Mbps.

Slow internet transforms my best friends into

Misshapen stuttering Picasso-heads.

Covid Social: Welcome
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