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Woman Writing

Thanks for visiting my website.  This is a collection of my published poetry.  I hope you enjoy my work and please send me a message or sign up to get updates on my future publications.

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Chalk Dust Memories

July 8, 2022

My first chapbook now available from Plan B Press.  Tales of elementary school and beyond...

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Poems to Watch For

Doctor's Office
Judo Belts

Of Elephants and Daughters

Forthcoming, Poetica Review

The School Nurse

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Autumn Sky Poetry Daily

As described by the American Academy of Poets, "The pantoum is a poem of any length, composed of four-line stanzas in which the second and fourth lines of each stanza serve as the first and third lines of the next stanza. The last line of a pantoum is often the same as the first."

Image by Thom Milkovic
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In The Poet and The Architect, Christine Stewart Nunez provides a reflective, textured collection of poetry that seamlessly tells a story of contrasts. The masterful conceit of this book is the love story between opposites - a poet and an architect.

Available from Terrapin Books.

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A pantoum tribute to my grandmother at the holidays.

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Espresso Love

A coffee shop.  A poet.  One summer morning.

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Tomorrow is the First Day of School

The story of a young boy and the many anxious thoughts he has at bedtime.

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An Abecedarian exploring all the ways we can search for and struggle to find air.

Hot Air Balloons
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An abecedarian on the theme "Masks and Manes."

Theatrical Mask
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Bare Bones Anthology

This ghoulish collection of poetry and short stories is inspired by Halloween around the world. There are many celebrations world wide to honor the dead. Each putting their own spin on tradition. In the United States children dress in costumes and collect candy from neighbors. In Mexico they pay homage to deceased loved ones during Día de Los Muertos. In Ireland they celebrate Samhain. No matter how you celebrate, the day is charged with excitement and spooktacular fun. This anthology is full of accounts of tradition and how the human psyche processes life, death, and the spirit realm.

Featuring "Recipe for a Perfect Halloween Costume"

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The Music Department

Strike up the band with a chaotic look back at elementary school music class!

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Some reflections on the return to the new normal post "COVID" with my hamster Chewy.

Hamster Wheel
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Dim and Flaring Lamps

Sundial Magazine presents an anthology of short historical fiction and poetry set in America and American conflicts. From the Salem witch trials to the Challenger disaster, Sundial's first anthology relates almost 400 years of American history.

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A poem about Steven Hawking and his lecture on the merits of time travel.

Image by Jon Tyson
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May we all be lucky enough to have this friend..

Image by Jon Tyson
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The Codependent Guide to Friendship

We've all had this friend...

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The Writer's Club

Liberation from deleting the facebook app from your phone.

Image by Sara Kurfeß
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An odd little poem about ego and the weird ecosystem of the gym.

In Faith Anthology, Vol. 1 USA published by The Poet 

Barbell with Weights
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A contrapuntal poem addressing one of life's most meaningful questions.

In Oddball Magazine

Hot Dog and Chips
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A poem about a unique sandwich Mom used to make and the fragile nature of a school lunch.

Published in CP Quarterly

Jam Jars
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A news story about a doctor in India tricked into buying a genie's lamp was the inspiration for this poem.

From Boundless: The Rio Grande Valley International Poetry Anthology

Image by Louis Hansel
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Reflections on the many moods of poets as we write.

Published by Cathexis Northwest Press

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Dear Vaccine is a global community poem, inviting all to share their voices to promote COVID-19 vaccination through the imaginative language of poetry.

Vaccine Production Line
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Spring Community Journal

A fun Spring poem included in a great series written by members of the community.

Image by Arno Smit
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An Abecedarian on "diet" culture.

Published in Parliament Literary Journal.

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You can find these and other poems on my expanded page.

Hybrid Dreich

Circumference Zine

Ekphrastic Review

Dreich Winter Xtra

The Poet Childhood Anthology

Unique Poetry

Wee Book of Wee Poems

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"Poetry heals the wounds inflicted by reason."


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Poems Over Coffee

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